Customer Love

"Clothes don’t make you, but we know that when we are wearing the right clothes…the ones that feel like us—we feel amazing."

Read What Our Customers Say About Us

"What is Femmebot the store??? MAGIC! Pure magic.  First of all, it's not expensive. Second of all you will leave feeling your sexiest self, draped in a fabric that feels right and soft and fits you to a T.

Last but not least, your purchases from 3 years ago will fit together with brand new ones. Once I have started shopping there it became my whole wardrobe, I no longer shop anywhere else. Everything works together and compliments each other. But the compliments are the cherry on the cake. People always ask me how come I look so good? I send them to Femmebot.

Clothing is drapery but pieces from Femmebot are truly empowering and it has to do with the owner. What a GEM of a woman, her only goal in life is to make women feel SEXY! Don't we all need a girlfriend like that?" 

"I've always had a positive experience at Femmebot Clothing and I always look forward to going because of the owner Tina's awesome personality.

She is so enthusiastic, confident, and always makes me laugh. I can tell she absolutely loves what she does and that customer satisfaction is her priority. Tina just rocks it and she is clearly meant to do this!

Femmebot has a beautiful variety of quality clothing and accessories that are comfortable and affordable. My favorite are the bellbottoms; I love how they're always new patterns and always long enough for people who have an average or tall height.

Also, the interior design is on point! The aesthetic definitely makes the store more inviting and adds to the positive vibes. Let's not forget the awesome music selection playing in the background ❤︎"

"I would like to keep this place as my own secret closet, but this place is something special and deserves recognition.  

It's a stylish well organize boutique, where everyone in the store is extremely helpful and seems happy to see you.   This is not the typical cookie-cutter store from the mall.  I would normally only shop in boutiques for an accessory or something small, mainly due to price,  limited variety, and sizes of clothing, however, the prices in this store are exceptionally reasonable, (almost too good to be true). There is a unique variety of options that work well for all ages.-my daughter is 19 and I am 51. We are both constantly stopped by someone wondering where we bought what we are wearing; to such an extent that I have friends from Princeton and my daughter from her college in Philly that actually comes for the weekend just to shop at Femmebot! 

If Tina, the owner is in, ask her what will look good on you, she has a strong knowledge of style and an excellent understanding of all of the items that she sells, she'll happily run around choosing the perfect outfit for you and your body type.  It's like having your own personal shopper with no appointment necessary!"

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